National Judges

Dina Stojanovska

Groups: II FCI
Phone: +38977 880508

Dina Stojanovska is born in 1982, in Skopje, N. Macedonia
Her interest and love for animals, especially dogs since early childhood. From 1992 start with Doberman breed.
She finished a Veterinary school and worked as a vet assistant.
In 2001 becomes a member of the Kennel club „Skopje“ in Skopje. She is the owner of the “Falanga” Kennel for Doberman breed since 2008. She is also one of the founding members of the Doberman club of Macedonia, found in 2011

Nadica Radevska

Groups: V FCI
Born: 1980
Languages:  Macedonian, English, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian
Address:  France Preshern 255, Skopje
Phone: +38971422183


Nadica Radevska is born in 1980 and still lives in Skopje, capital city of Republic of Macedonia.
Her love for dogs starts from youngest age. History of breeding and selection starts in 2003 with samoyed.
Owner of kennel “Belluchiville”.
After breeding samoyeds and gordon setter, all international champions and bis winners, since 2016 breeding continues with american cocker spaniels. Participate and shows her dogs at World dog shows, European dog shows, many International and National dog shows. Dogs from her breeding had great success at Crufts also.
From 2009 she is vice-president of kennel club “Polaris”. Takes part in organization of many shows.
In 2020 was published her first book ” Short guide for new dog owners” and in 2022 was published her second book ” “Cynology – culture and literacy”.

Anastasia Zolotuhina

Groups: V & IX FCI
Born: 13.09.1992
Languages: Russian , English , Macedonian, French
Address:  Street 474, number 15 , Skopje , Macedonia
Phone: +38978699366


Anastasia has born in Russia,Moscow.
In age of 14 she got her first show quality Boston terrier, which later on became the most successful and famous boston in Russia. She has also breed several champions.
Anastasia invested a lot of work in the development, popularization of bostons, translating a huge number of articles and interviewing the most influential breeders in the world.

Anastasia has spent many months in USA, showing and finishing championships there.
Anastasia lead her dogs to win on the most famous shows in the world, including Westminster, EDS, WDS and all around the world from USA to Asia.
From 2014 she join her husband in breeding and showing siberians.
Anastasia fluently speaks Russian ,English and Macedonian, also know basic French.

Marjan Velichkov

Groups: VII FCI
Born:  1965
Languages:  English & Serbian
Address:  Klenovec 27 b, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38970200277

Long time breeder of German Short Haired Pointing Dog. Founder of Macedonian club for Hunting Cynology and regular visitor of dog shows and working trials.

Aleksandar Purdanoski

Groups: II FCI (section 3)
Born:  1990
Languages:  English & Serbian
Address: : Trajko Sandanski 1-B, 7500 Prilep
Phone: +389 75 302 732

Kiril Milovski

Groups: I FCI(German Shepherd)
Born: 06.05.1978
Languages: Macedonian and English
Address: ул.Ѓорѓе Анреевиќ Кун бр.14а – Skopje
Phone: 0038970359449

Odgleduvac na Germanski ovcari vo poslednite 20 godini. (Sopstvenik na visoko renomiranata odgleduvacnica “Vom Aurelisbrandt”.

Jovan Kiskovski

Groups: I & II FCI Groups

Born: 1983
Languages: Turkish & Bulgarian
Address: Prizrenska 22/22, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +389 70 (78) 273 691

Ilija Jankovski

Groups: II (section 2)
Born: 1962
Languages: Macedonian,Serbian
Address: III M.U.B 22a Kumanovo,Macedonia
Phone: +389 75 613 764
Breeder of Sharplaninec dogs since 1987.
Owner of “Adzi Tepe” Kennel , specialized in breeding Sharplaninec dog breed.
Attending many dog shows , both National and International and winner of many CAC , CACIB and World Club Champion.


ул. Коста Шахов бр.6-1/1
Поштенски фах 728 1000 Скопје
Телефон: 02/3085 860 Факс: 02/3085 860