International Judges


Aco Pavlovski

Groups: IV, VI, VII, X & Judge for working and hunting dogs
Born: 1960
Languages: English, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegro, Croatian, Bulgarian
Address: Kocho Racin br. 35
Phone: +38971448114

Aco Pavlovski is involved in Macedonian Cynology for many years. He is one of the founders and actual president of
Kennel Club Sveti Nikole. He is still in charge of many shows for Hunting breeds and working dogs and National Shows held by the Kennel Club Sveti Nikole.

Viktor Aleksovski

Groups: II, III , VIII & IX FCI

Born: 1973

Languages: English, Russian & Bulgarian

Address: AVNOJ 127, Kumanovo


Phone: +38976404070

Professor in physical education or health. Counselor teaching physical education at the Ministry of Education and Science. A longtime breeder of breed American Stafordshire terrier. Owner of the kennel Warrior of Duty.

Daniel Bozhinovski

Groups: III, V, VIII FCI
Born:  1983
Languages:  Macedonian, Serbian, Italian, English, Portuguese,Greek
Address:  Orce Nikolov 147 a-7, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +351915872351

Daniel Bozhinovski was born in Skopje.  In this moment he is living in Lisbon, Portugal where he is studying PhD for History of Art. Since 2015 he became national judge for VIII FCI.  He has passed his internship in Macedonia, Portugal,Spain and Romania.

Doncho Borisov

Groups: I, II, III, V, VIII  & IX FCI

Born:  1985
Languages:  Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian & English
Address:  Blagoj Tufanov 24, 2420 Radovish
Phone: +38970319426

Doncho Borisov is engineer for a computer science and technology ,born on 4 th of December 1985 in small town Radovis in east of Macedonia were he still lives.

President and one of the founders of the Kennel Club – Familiaris and organisator of many national dog shows and promote Macedonian cynology for many

years. One of the first breeders that import akitas from Japan in Balkans, visitor of a few AKIHO HONBUTEN shows in Japan. Participate to a lot of seminars for

Japanese Akita, American Akita and Shiba inu. Owner of kennel for akita inu –  INUMA KENSHA and export a lot of dogs from his kennel in Europe.Judge a lot of National and International shows and speciality shows for Akita Inu,American Akita,Siberian Husky,Alaskan Malamute,Samoyed and Chow-chow.

He judge all the breeds from III,V,VIII FCI groups,and his speciality is Japanese Akita Inu breed.

Dragan Kitanoski

Groups: II, V, IX FCI
Born:  1981
Languages:  Macedonian,Bulgarian,English,Albanian & Serbian
Address: Janko Mihajloski 37/4 Kicevo ,Makedonija
Phone: 0038978234531

Dragan Kitanoski was born on 19.02.1981 in Skopje. He finish his high-school graduation in Road-traffic safety school in his town Kicevo and after he attend to International University – Struga and finish his graduation at Faculty of Law in 2012 year. Dragan Kitanoski starts his cynology activity with opening his famous kennel “Kitanoski” about Macedonian popular shepherd breed Sharplaninac. Many dogs from his kennel are international and national champions of beauty in Macedonia and Balkan countries. He was also member in disciplinary committee in Kennel Association of Republic of Macedonia and also he manage the organization board members for all the shows that Kennel Association of Macedonia is organizing. Dragan Kitanoski is now a successful breeder of Sharplaninec, Chihuahua, and Maltezer breed.

Dalibor Trajanovic

Groups:  I, III, VII, VIII FCI
Born:  1981
Languages:  Macedonian,Bulgarian,English,Albanian & Serbian
Address: Todor Velkov 3/4 Kumanovo
Phone: 0038975306108

Roden 1979,diplomiran ekonomist,osnovac i sekretar na kinolosko drustvo “Kinolog” od Kumanovo,momentalno clen na Nadzoren organ na KSM,ucesnik na mnogu kinoloski izlozbi vo Makedonija i stranstvo

Ljupcho Petreski

Groups: I , V, VIII, IX FCI
Born: 1971
Languages: Macedonian,Serbian,Albanian & English
Address: 27 mi Mart n.49 Struga- Macedonia
Phone: +38972263310

Petreski Ljupcho is a graduate detective employed in the Ministry of Interior
Affairs. His love for Kinology is since 1992 when he was working in the
Ministry as a professional dresser and as a handler of a police dog. He is the
owner of the kennel ,,von der Crni Drim,, since 2004. He s been a frequent
visitor at specialized exhibitions in Germany such as world championships
for german shepherds.

Zlatko Dimovski

Groups: VII(Судија за работа со птичари), VIII FCI
Born: 1962
Languages: Serbian and English
Address: 73, No. 10a, Volkovo, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38975546446

Breeder of German Short Haired Pointing Dogs, owner of HUNTING PEARLS kennel.

Silvana Krsteska

Groups: II, VIII, IX FCI
Born: 1985
Languages: English,Serbian,Bulgarian
Address: Riste Sekircanec 4a, 7500 Prilep
Phone: +38978413258

Silvana Krsteska has graduated at Faculty of Philosophy at Classical Studies (Latin and Ancient Greek Language). Was a teacher in Primary Schools of the subject The Classical Culture in the European Civilization and Freelancer (Data Entry, Web research). The love for dogs/animals is long time ago, such as helping, rehoming homeless, but the cynology love started in 2011 with the first Italian Corso Dog. Characteristic and exterior of this breed encouraged to make research, reading articles, communicate about the breed. She is an active member of the Kennel Club Prilep, participating in organization of CACIB Prilep as cancelar, translator, list wirter etc. Through the years participated at many national and international shows in Macedonia and outside the country. Owner of Italian Corso Dog Kennel Corso Del Cuore Grande

Slobodan Nasteski

Groups: II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX & X FCI
Born: 04.04.1979
Languages: Serbian, Bulgarian & English
Address: Gjuro Salaj 38, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38977971364

Slobodan Nasteski is International FCI judge for II, III, V, VI, VII IX & X FCI group. Qualified to judge all breeds of mentioned groups, including Best in Groups (BOG) for these groups and BIS competition.
He loves animals since he was a child, especially dogs. He had his first pet – English Cocker Spaniel until year 1994. His first dog with pedigree was Dalmatian, which was the start in breeding and dog showing in 1995. In following years, he had many Dalmatians including few dogs with Inter Champions tittles and Junior European Winner in 2003. In 2004 he had his first West Highland White Terrier, and few years later, in 2008 he had Lhasa Apso, first Lhasa Apso in Macedonia and he decides to breed this two breeds. He had big success with these two breeds in the show ring. Together with his wife, owned kennel named Saraswati. Their dogs lives all over the Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, Italia, Netherland…) and USA. These dogs made significant success at dog shows.
He became judge in year 2008 and had judged in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Moldova, Belarus, … He was founder of Macedonian Club for Toy breeds where he is General Secretary. He was organizer of many specialized, nacional and international dog shows.
His work with the Kennel Association of Macedonia KARM includes: long-time member and President of Disciplinary Committee, member of Judges Board, Member of Executive Board and General Secretary in Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia.

Mihajlo Kostovski

Groups: II, VI, VI(judge for working dogs) VII, VIII FCI
Born: 1965
Languages: Macedonian,Russian,Serbian & English
Address: str.Jablanica no.14b 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Phone: +38975203420

Work on Medical faculty in Skopje in the field of Molecular microbiology.

Breeder of hunting dogs since 1987. Owner of Kennel “ Magentas dogs”- FCI no.3284 since 1992.

FCI judge since 2001…

Primary organization: Macedonian club for hunting kinology where he founded the section for hounds and he is a Breeding host for VI FCI group. In the same time President of Comission for hounds in Hunting Federation of Macedonia.

Natasha Kraljevska Nasteska

Groups: III & IX FCI
Born: 1982
Languages: Serbian, Bulgarian & English
Address: Gjuro Salaj 38, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38978898810

Natasha Nasteska entered in kinology  world in 2005.She started like coowner of Dalmatians after what she realized she want her first own dog.She started with breading Westies and in 2007 she get her first female from her second breed Lhasa Apso in her kennel “Saraswati”.From that moment she is breeder of these two wonderful breeds.She was with her dogs at plenty of shows making excellent results.

In 2008 she is becoming on of the founders of Toy Club in Macedonia She was working in organization of shows organized from these club.

In 2015 she become judge for 9 fci group

Marjan Petrovski

Groups: III & VIII FCI
Born: 1978
Languages: Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian & English
Address: Ordan Pop Jordanov 6, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +46 73 781 09 39

His dream from early age was to become breeder and to raise his knowledge in cinology. After long years of learning and studying he start breeding American Staffordshire Terrier under name of kennel Pride of Macedonia, member of Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia and AST club Macedonia. He was long years professional handler of domestic, international, European and World dog shows around the world.
He professional career is also connected with dogs as K-9 dog instructor in K-9 Police Unit in Ministry of Interior training dogs for all specialty.

Miroslav Trajkov

Groups: I, III, IX FCI
Languages: English , Serbian , Croatian , Bulgarian
Address: Zagrebska 2b , Gevgelija
Phone: +38975229991 / +38978360760

With Cynological activities start from 1993 , when with his firts show dog English Bulldog participate on many show in country and outside .
From 2001 started to breed with big success German Shepherds , registred kennel Vardar Wolf and with his dogs participate on many National , International and Speciality dog shows and working trials . Member of SV and In his kennel all dogs are breed under the rules of SV Germany
He is also president of Kennel Club Kozuf in Gevgelija , where organize dog show with big success , Now is also member of board in Kennel Association of Macedonia

Goran Dojcinoski

Groups: I, II, III, V, VII & IX FCI

Languages:  English & Serbian
Address: 11ti Oktomvri 113, Prilep
Phone: +38975424300

Darko Gegovski

Groups: II, III, V, VII, VIII & IX FCI
Born:  1980

Languages:  English & Serbian
Address:  Oktomvriska 52, Prilep
Phone: +38978302650

Born in Prilep. His cynological activities started in 1996 with his first dog – Sharplaninec. Taking part of every national and international dog shows in Macedonia and abroad. Since 2000 he started breeding St. Bernard Dog and he is credited for the development and progress in the Balkans. In 2014 he become owner of GEGA SAINT’S kennel.

Filip Bogoeski

Groups: I FCI group

Born: /
Languages: /
Address: Gjorgji Andreevikj-Kun 11, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +389 78 268 280

Mario Mano

Groups: V FCI
Born: 1991
Languages: Serbian, Bulgarian & English
Address: Kuzman Josifovski 62, Bitola
Phone: +38975841284

Born in Bitola in a family with a long Samoyed breeding tradition, owner of,, Od Mano Siberan’ kennel,, he grow up in a company and love of dogs. Later he start to breed and American Akita. He has been participant in many national and international dog shows, in and out of the country, where they make great achievements. Participant in organization of international dog shows since 2008. Senior student in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Martin Mano

Groups: VIII FCI
Born: 1991
Languages: Serbian, Bulgarian & English
Address: Kuzman Josifovski 62, Bitola
Phone: +38975801526

Born in Bitola in a family with a long Samoyed breeding tradition, owner of,, Od Mano Siberan’ kennel,, he grow up in a company and love of dogs. Later he start to breed and American Akita. He has been participant in many national and international dog shows, in and out of the country, where they make great achievements. Participant in organization of international dog shows since 2008. Senior student in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Kosta Gligorievski

Groups: III, V, VIII, IX & X FCI group

Born: 1971

Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian & Bulgarian

Address: 8 Mart 5, 1000 Skopje


Skype: Kosta.Gligorievski

Facebook: Kosta Gligorievski

Phone: +389 76 284 100

He took part in cinology since 2006, as dog lover, then breeder and at last as judge. Owner of Kennel “Mops O Rama”, breeding Pugs. Founder and president of Pug Club in Macedonia. Specialist for Pug and French Bulldog.

Stefan Mitrevski

Groups: I, II, III, IV, V, VIII, IX & X FCI group

Born: 1984

Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian & Bulgarian

Address: 474 No. 15,1000 Skopje


Phone: +389 75 437 725

Stefan Mitrevski became involved in showing and breeding dogs from 2005 starting a successful exhibitor career, helping with the organization of Macedonian dog shows , and in 2007 registered his Siberian Husky Kennel “Inner Vision”. That way he began the “Inner Vision” breeding program and since that time has won many national and international shows where he had great success due to the outstanding producing ability of his foundation sires and dams . He participated as an exhibitor at the European and World Dog Shows as well , with great results .

Born in Skopje , the capital city of Macedonia , Stefan loved animals from early age, especially dogs and cats that grew up by his side . This special kind of love and affection towards dogs started with the hunting dogs and Irish Setter that he owned as young. Together with his family later in 1994 owned few German Shepherds , but later on as his taste developed he become devoted to the Siberian Husky Breed . He has been fortunate to breed many dogs that became National and International Champions , Best In Show winners . He has also exported many show dogs across USA, Europe and Asia in respectful and established kennels .

He is President and one of the founders of the Kennel Club For Polar Breeds in Macedonia, organising many speciality shows in the past years and working towards continuing this great tradition in promoting the Macedonian cinology . He become FCI judge in 2011 and has offered his expertise on national and international shows as well as on speciality shows.

Zoran Najdovski

Groups: I, II, III, IV, V, VIII & IX FCI group

Born: 1964

Languages: English, Albanian & Serbian

Address: Gorna Carsija 36, 1200 Tetovo


Phone: +389 070380660

Zoran Najdovski was born in 1964 in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia. Children’s love and care for dogs, grows passionately toward the German Shepherd Dog. He has been owner and breeder of the German Shepherd, since 1992. His Kennel “von Schwarzaugen” was registered in 1996. Over the years, he has seen constant success in the breeding of the German Shepherd. For the greatest success of the breeding he is considered a female Lejla von Schwarzaugen, who won the SG23 at the German Zieger. In his Kennel there are also some of the top male and female specimens that can be placed among the best dogs at prestigious German Zieger shows.
He was appointed as a judge of the breed German Shepherd, since 2009.
He was Vice-President of the Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia from 2013-2017.
Mr. Najdovski judged at International dog shows in the following countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Russia

Blazho Ponchev

Groups: I, II, III, V, VIII & IX, X FCI group

Born: /

Languages: /

Address: Bel Kamen 16, 1430 Kavadarci


Phone: +389 70 625 000

Nacko Savovski

Groups: I & II FCI group

Born: /

Languages: /

Address: Kozjak 6-1/4, 1000 Skopje


Phone: +389 2 277 77 22

+389 70 529 225

Jane Serafimov

Groups: I, II, III, IV, V, VIII & IX FCI group

Born: 1984

Languages: English, Russian & Serbian

Address: Dzumajska 21b, 1000 Skopje


Phone: +389 75 444 313

Jane Serafimov was born and still lives in Skopje, capital city of Macedonia. He is a Terrier lover, breeder of American Staffordshire Terriers and Miniature Schnauzers, owner of kennel Argeadi, registered in 2008. He is one of the founders of Macedonian Club for American Staffordshire Terriers and also president of the club. He is a member of Judges Committee of the Kennel Association of Republic of Macedonia. He judges all breeds from 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 9 FCI groups. Has judged many national, international and speciality shows in his country and in more then 20 other countries, as well at EDS. He speaks English, Russian and Serbian.

Aleksandar Stojkovski

Groups: III, VI, VII, VIII & X FCI group

Born: 1980

Languages: French

Address: 4ti Juli 4-1/11, 1000 Skopje


Phone: +389 70 611 642

Branko Tasevski

Groups: II, V, VII & VIII FCI group

Born: 1958

Languages: /

Address: Bukovski Most 22, 7000 Bitola


Phone:+389 75 476 311


Str.Kosta Shahov str. No. 6-1/1
P.o.Box 728 1000 Skopje
Phone: 02/3085 860 Fax: 02/3085 860