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The natural beauties of the Republic of Macedonia abound with wonderful landscapes with a great number of spacious lowlands and plateaus which have been contributing since ancient times to the animal husbandry development. This development, especially the one of sheep husbandry, inevitably led to breeding sheep dogs which helped people in guarding large herds of sheep.

Over 700 sheep dogs located in the north-eastern part of Macedonia were registered in the tax records dating from 1899, a written historical fact from the time when the country was under the Turkish Empire. Cynology was developing in Macedonia at the beginning of the XX century, but in a rather unsophisticated form.

The recognition of the SHARPLANINEC, a native breed, in 1939 serves as evidence for the cynology development in this region. After the end of the First World War, the distant year of 1946 marked the beginning of raising, breeding and using different pedigree dogs in a controlled, professional, planed and purposeful manner. Hunters who were amateur cynologists and members of the Hunters’ Association “Skopje” constituted the cynology division dating from this period of time. In that time a few hunters, who were enthusiastic about cynology, formed the first kennel association of the People’s Republic of Macedonia – “Skopje” with a seat in Skopje. It organized the first cynology exhibition in the City Park of Skopje.


The Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia was formed and registered in 1953. Up until 1969 KAM was managed by the Yugoslav Kennel Association (YKA) which was a member of the World Canine Organisation (FCI). The YKA stud book was decentralized, so KAM has been using its own book since 1969. The cynology development in Macedonia led to the first Association’s exhibition in Skopje of all types of pedigree dogs (CAC) in 1979. It was internationally affirmed 10 years later – in 1989. The first international exhibition of all types of pedigree dogs (CACIB) was held the same year.

KAM began working as an independent Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia in 1991 after Macedonia gained independence. This is when KAM began its preparations for the World Canine Organisation (FCI) membership. The Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia was accepted as a contract partner of the FCI in 1996. The FCI General Assembly held in Lisbon on 4 June 2001 transferred KAM from contract partners to associate members.
At the FCI General Assembly on June 8, 2015, the Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia became a full member, which is a great recognition for cynology in Macedonia.

As a full member of the FCI we are still developing the cynological culture in our country. Therefore, we are happy to create and promote new things as they are always inspiring. The vision of KARM is to become a leader of cynological education in the region, it means to teach people about responsible behavior and interaction with dogs and developing a pet loving society.

Structure of Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia


Jordan Hristovski


Goran Dojchinoski

Executive Board

Goran Dojcinoski

Dimitar Cuguncaliev

Tome Bundalev

Miroslav Trajkov

Saso Marinoski

Mitko Ilkanoski

Dragan Zlatanovski

Blaze Ponchev


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