International All Round Judges

Mile Aleksoski

All Round FCI Judge

Born: 1970
Languages: English
Address: 18 Noemvri 27, 1230 Gostivar
Phone: +389 75 335 575
+389 70 508 503

Born in Skopje , Macedonia, 10-VIII-1970. In my family we always had a dogs for playing with and shows.I started breeding in 1990, and became a dog judge in 1994. and since then I have been judging at many National, International and Special dog shows in Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, France, San Marino, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Greece and Montenegro. I was JBIS and BIS judge in more than 100 shows. I became an international judge in 1999 and from January 2006 I am Int. judge for all breeds and all FCI groups (and BIS). I was a breeder of Sharplaninec ,Dalmatian and Golden Retriever and now of Bull Terriers . The name of my kennel is “Smile of a Mile”. Since 2009, I was the President of judge organization in Macedonian KA and General Secretary in Macedonian Kennel Association. Since 01-VI-2017 I am a President of Kennel Association of R.Macedonia I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from 1996-February and working in my own clinic.

Pero Bozhinovski

All Round FCI Judge

Born: /
Languages: Serbian,Croatian,English, Bulgarian, Russian and Albanian
Office address: 29 Noemvri 4-g, 1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia
Address: Orce Nikolov 147A–7, 1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia
Phone / fax office: +389 2 3110 268
mob: +389 70 255 512
Pero Bozhinovski is veterinary doctor, specialist for small animals and FCI All breed International judge (All round judge). Qualified to judge any breeds , any competition, including Best in Groups (BOG) and Best in Shows (BIS). He has graduated on Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the Belgrade University, and later on he has finished post-graduate studies with specialization- carnivores diseases. He loves animals since he was a child, especially dogs, and that is the reason why he finished middle veterinary school and here he has done first steps in the kinology. During his studies, he had successfully finished the seminar (one semester) “Foundations of the kinology “, partcipate in dogs shows as assistant and later after the internship he became a kinology judge. He was surrounded with dogs from always and he had the possibility to get familiar with official breeds in the training centres. He is active participant in the development of the Macedonian kinology, where he has performed many functions in the kinology club in Skopje as a general secretary and president in many terms, president of the expert committee, examination committee for kinology, studbook running and President of the Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia. He was a president of the Yugoslavien committee of autochtonous breeds. At present he is a member of judges committee and commission for public examinations. Since 2015 he became President of Judge’s Board. Starting from the first national show CAC, he has participated in organization of many national and international dog shows CAC-CACIB. He has participated in more than 100 European and World congresses, seminars and scientific meetings in more than 30 countries from the veterinary area and kinology where he has published many scientific publications.He had published his first book in Republic of Macedonia under name ,,The dog, my friend,, New edition is preparing and is coming soon. He actively cooperates with many kinologycal magazines.
He is FCI All Breed International judge and he was a judge in Macedonia Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Norway, Estonia, Romania, Ukraine, Australia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, San Marino, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Luxembourg, Egypt, China, Belarus, Slovakia, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Greece, Germany, Spain & Finland, Lebanon, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil. In 2007 he was judging in the European dog show in Zagreb, Croatia, South Afrika, Portugal. He lives and works in the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje where he has own private company and veterinary clinic.

Mitko Ilkanovski

All Round FCI Judge

Born: 1975

Languages: /

Address: Sava Kovacevic 59, 7000 Bitola


Phone: +389 70 696 488

Gabriel Stibel

All Round FCI Judge

Born: 1972

Languages: Serbian, English & Russian

Address: 4ti Juli 1-4/2, 1000 Skopje


Phone: +389 70 679 070

Panche Dameski

All Round FCI Judge

Born: 1968

Languages: Croatian & English

Address: Vojvodinska 97/1, 7500 Prilep


Phone: +389 48 417 160

Pance Dameski is a doctor of veterinary medicine and assistаnt professor on VeterinaryFaculty in Bitola. He was born in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 1968. Love for dogs iscrucial for the choice of his profession. He graduated on the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb,where he later finished postgraduate studies in the field of pathology and breeding of smallanimals. He received his PhD at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, fromthe field of small animals surgery. Employed at the Veterinary Faculty in Bitola, R.Macedonia as an assistant professor at the Clinic for surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology.He is in cynology from his earliest years. Since 1993, he has been breeding Irish Setters, andwas involved in breeding golden retrievers for a short time period. His activity as a kinologistin Macedonia is great. For many years he was the President of Kennel Club Prilep, one of thebiggest kennel clubs in Macedonia, and in the period from 2006 to 2013 he was the Presidentof Kennel Assotiations of R.Macedonia. He has been a kennel judge since 1996, and to datehe is a International All Round judge. He has so farbeen the judge of numerous national and international dog shows in Macedonia and in anumber of European countries – Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova,Russia, Sweden, Estonia


Str.Kosta Shahov str. No. 6-1/1
P.o.Box 728 1000 Skopje
Phone: 02/3085 860 Fax: 02/3085 860