National Judges

Marjan Velichkov

Groups: VII FCI
Born:  1965
Languages:  English & Serbian
Address:  Klenovec 27 b, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38970200277

Long time breeder of German Short Haired Pointing Dog. Founder of Macedonian club for Hunting Cynology and regular visitor of dog shows and working trials.

Zlatko Dimovski

Groups: VII FCI
Born: 1962
Languages: Serbian and English
Address: 73, No. 10a, Volkovo, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38975546446

Breeder of German Short Haired Pointing Dogs, owner of HUNTING PEARLS kennel.

Silvana Krsteska

Groups: II- section Molossoid Breeds
Born: 1985
Languages: English,Serbian,Bulgarian
Address: Riste Sekircanec 4a, 7500 Prilep
Phone: +38978413258

Silvana Krsteska has graduated at Faculty of Philosophy at Classical Studies (Latin and Ancient Greek Language). Was a teacher in Primary Schools of the subject The Classical Culture in the European Civilization and Freelancer (Data Entry, Web research). The love for dogs/animals is long time ago, such as helping, rehoming homeless, but the cynology love started in 2011 with the first Italian Corso Dog. Characteristic and exterior of this breed encouraged to make research, reading articles, communicate about the breed. She is an active member of the Kennel Club Prilep, participating in organization of CACIB Prilep as cancelar, translator, list wirter etc. Through the years participated at many national and international shows in Macedonia and outside the country. Owner of Italian Corso Dog Kennel Corso Del Cuore Grande

Vladimir Kandikj

Breed: Italian Corso Dog

Jovan Kiskovski

Groups: I & II FCI Groups

Born: 1983
Languages: Turkish & Bulgarian
Address: Prizrenska 22/22, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +389 70 (78) 273 691


Aco Pavlovski

Groups: VII FCI & Work – Pointing dogs
Born: 1960
Languages: English
Address: Kocho Racin br. 35
Phone: +38971448114

Marija Gocheva

Groups: I & V FCI
Born:  1989
Languages:  Macedonian, Serbian/Croatian, Spanish & English
Address:  Ailska 3b, 1000 Skopje
Phone: +38970702291

Marija became judge in 2011. One of the founders of the Kennel Club For Polar Breeds in Macedonia. 

Organizing many international, national and specialty shows in the past years. Worked in Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia until 2017.


ул. Коста Шахов бр.6-1/1
Поштенски фах 728 1000 Скопје
Телефон: 02/3085 860 Факс: 02/3085 860